A Simple Selfie To Screen Cervical Cancer


Griwaditi is an automated, non-invasive and easily accessible screening tool for Cervical Cancer. It comprises of a point-of-care portable imaging device to produce high resolution magnified images of the cervix, with a unique cervical cancer lesion detection algorithm to quickly screen cervical cancer.

  • Mission
    Early Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Strength
    Unique Cervical Cancer Lesion Detection Algorithm
  • Impact
    Saving lives, empowering women

Problem Of Cervical Cancer


Quick & Non-invasive Diagnosis

Simply place the Griwaditi device over the cervix and it instantaneously diagnoses for Cervical Cancer using the Unique Lesion Detection Algorithm.

Automated Health Reports

Share automatically generated daily health report with your doctor with a tap of a single button and avail hassle free consultation anytime.

Cloud Based Dashboard

The system provides the doctors an all time access to real time data to monitor and provide consultation to patients even in rural and remote area.

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